Wizard 101 Review

A while ago, I was sent an invitation to sign up to and review an MMORPG: Wizard 101. Well, I must say it’s an absolutely FABULOUS game, and to start with, I’ll go through the user interface and how it’s improved from your standard MMO. (By the way, if you’re not a common user of virtual worlds, you might not know what MMO and MMORPG mean- Massive Multiplayer Online and Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, respectively. I’ll be using MMO in this review since it’s shorter and simpler.)

The first good thing is the fact that you’re not forced to do anything- instead of hints popping up in the middle of a battle and blocking out the screen, small portraits appear occasionally down the right side of the screen and, when clicked on and when clicked on ONLY, they’ll show useful game hints. In fact, not all of them are “you just got a treasure card!” at all, some of them are characters asking you to come to them (and yes, they DO say where they are) so you can do storyline quests. This is a useful touch which lets you know when your teacher wants you to do something for him/her rather than having to check every once in a while to see if they have an “!” over their head. Also, in some games, there’s so many player names hovering over people’s heads to see what’s going on. In THIS game, you can turn them off, or set them to “NPCs (again, you might not know what it means- Non-Playable Character. The kind that gives out quests or runs a store, or is even there just for the heck of it) only” or “Players Only”. Also, this game doesn’t monkey around with your settings or anything unless you quite explicitly TELL it to, so you won’t wake up to find the screen resolution broken unless YOU did it. And I must admit, I learned about the screen resolution bit the hard way. And yes, that means I was messing with the settings.

Okay, that’s it for the user interface. To be honest, I’m surprised I even managed to fit it in to 300 words.

Now we’re on to the gameplay. First, I must compliment the controls which are simple and easy to memorize, and aren’t too sensitive or slow, making it simple and easy to manoeuvre through your easy-to-navigate world. If you know your way around in the game, you don’t actually have to rely on teleportation and magic maps to find your way around the place, unlike games like AQWorlds where you have to use your map to actually go anywhere. Every place is actually fully accessible by WALKING there, even your dormitory. And I must add that in some MMOs your house isn’t connected to anywhere and you have to teleport to get out. Not the case here, though. Your house is easily accessible via Ravenwood. Now, the dueling system in gameplay: It’s pretty easy judging what each card does because if you know what the symbols mean (and it’s not that hard to figure out) then you can easily know how much damage it does, to who, if it’s a healing card or what. The duels are challenging, fun and rewarding. Right, I’ll do a quick walk through the duel system. If you walk into a monster (say, a rotting fodder in Triton Avenue) you’ll run to your places in a circle, and pick cards you’ve drawn out of your deck. These cards will have various effects such as plain damage, status ailments such as burns or paralysis, healing yourself or others, or they might use the most annoying aspect of the dueling system as a whole: Fizzling.

See, when a card fizzles, it won’t work and will be returned to your deck without anything happening. This can be very annoying when it happens. Picture this: You’re down to 1 health against a severely injured boss, you use your 1 healing card to save yourself, and…

It breaks.

Sounds infuriating, right? Well, luckily stuff like that won’t happen, as healing cards don’t fizzle. But this is a unique case, all other cards can fizzle. Even without fizzling healing cards though, this is still he most annoying aspect of the game. Picture THIS situation: You’re going up against the strongest boss so far. You’ve battled your way up an extremely difficult tower and if it weren’t for healing potions, you’d be dead by now. You’re both severely wounded to the point of near-defeat. You muster up the strength to pick out one last card to finish him off, and then…

It fizzles.

He uses his card to knock you out and you’re warped back to the foot of the tower.

Okay, THAT sounds infuriating.

I think I’ve covered enough already and I’m at over 800 words, so I’ll stop rambling now. The longest review ever! Now, to sum it up, It’s a great game and I’ll give a 9.89/10. Bye.


Alright. I’m starting a spin-off series from Comic Universe that’s based on the events in the MEG•ΣΨθ Universe, more commonly known of as the Rockman or Mega Man Universe. Specifically, it shows the events of Mega Man’s household while he’s absent in my Universe. Here’s issue 1:

MMH Issue 1By the way, this is in a category named “Mega Man House Updates”. It won’t be archived on a page, but you can click on the category to see all of the posts in that category. Also, to enlarge it simply click on it.

Comic Universe Issues 20-22

From now on in issues of Comic Universe, I’ll be posting them in the category “Comic Universe Updates” and you can see them all archived in the page. I haven’t posted the three issues I’ve made, so I’ll put them all here and in the page. By the way, in this post you have to click on the comics to enlarge them to full size. Well, bye!

CU Issue 20CU Issue 21CU Issue 22

Scratch Project… GREEN SHARK!

Wow. A LOT has been going on in Scratch updates since I’ve been gone. Well, here’s a project I made.

Iron Man 3 Iron Man Sonic Blasting Toy Review

Really, I was very excited when I first saw this toy out of the mail! In this review, I’ll be going through the different Pros and Cons of the toy. Ok, let’s get started!

The first thing after I opened the box was oh, gosh. This packaging makes this toy about as secure as a 5-inch thick platinum safe with 20 locks on it. Really, it took a pair of scissors, 20 minutes and a scratch on the hand to get through this thing. I mean, secure packaging is fine, but THIS secure packaging? Really, Hasbro, you don’t need to make it this hard to get into the toy. Once I got in, I thought it was going to require assembly. I was kinda right. See, you have the attach the bottom halves of the legs.

No, nothing else. Why?

Once I got the batteries in and the missiles, it turned out to be a really amazing toy. See, you hold down this button on the back, and the blaster turns round, launching out the missiles as it does. Also, you can press the ark reactor to make the eyes and reactor flicker and turn on. Also, perhaps the most impressive aspect of it was how easy it stands up and balances. See, it’s an absolutely HUGE toy, around half as long as my arm (including my hand), and I really didn’t expect him to stand up very well. But he actually stood up perfectly. Now, it was fairly well articulated, with a rotating head and movable legs. Also, both his arms can go up and down. The right arm only really needs two positions, Aiming/firing and at rest, but the left is actually, well, an arm, so could do with articulation around the elbow and on the wrist. Finally, you put it back in the box. One problem with that. Remember the assembled legs? Well, they were easy to put on, but not to take off. So, he wouldn’t fit back into the box once assembled. Shortened, here are the Pros and Cons:

  • Little assembly.
  • Easy to stand up.
  • Great firing range.
  • Two different sets of missiles.
  • Good lights and sounds.
  • Over-secure packaging.
  • No articulation in left arm.
  • Doesn’t fit in the box once assembled.

It’s a great toy overall, so I’ll give it a rating of… 9.6.

Alright then. Bye!

Disclosure; This toy was sent free for review.


As you may have noticed, I now have a new Favicon! For those of you who don’t know, a favicon is the tiny image on the tab bar. Now, mine is a brilliant cut amethyst. Which I just realized is the exact OPPOSITE colour gemstone for may, which I’m born in.


Anyway, the original inspiration for the Amethyst came while I was making Issue 11 of Comic Universe. My mum had been bugging me to sort out a Favicon for a bit, and I had just opened a new image for the Chaos emerald of Immortality – Which made a cameo in that Issue – when I saw it was 16 x 16 pixel large, the EXACT right size for a Favicon. In the end, I changed the emerald’s size in that issue, but the idea stayed in my head. Later while I was working on the Favicon, for some reason the worst Sonic game in existence – Sonic ’06 – popped into my head. I thought of the purple Emerald Mephiles used in that game, and decided to colour the emerald purple, making it an Amethyst in terms of gemstone colourage. In fact, the colour I used for the Amethyst Favicon is almost EXACTLY the same colour as real Amethysts, judging by Wikipedia images.


When my mum said I should do a post about it, I didn’t think I’d get up to 225 words so quickly.

Anyway, thanks to Espio Rain for ripping the Chaos Emeralds from Sonic 1, and to my dad for helping me upload the Favicon. Bye!


Okay, I just changed the theme and appearance of my website! I must include the fact that my sister helped me sort out the pages bar and some other things, so thanks! If you want to see her blog, it’s in the blogroll up at the top right of the page. Or down, depending on how old this post is. Also, this is mainly sprite images in the header and background, so it’s credit time!

Demonic Sonic (With credits to Daniel Sidney)

Fox Omega

Gardow (With credits to Cylent Nite and Damien)


For Background image sprites, and for the header ones:

Apocalypse the hedgehog



I edited all the sprites to look like Simon (Fan character of me in the background) Silvertail, Sam, Nuke and Rose.

Introducing… Comic Universe!

I’ve started a new comic series. I’ve called it Comic Universe and it’s going to have its own page, so I’ve put this post here to announce it. There’s a link to its page up in the toolbar, next to Sprites!, and I’ve posted the first 2 comics up there already, and the rest will be on that page. See ya!

Cameras, SD Cards and Youtube. (NOT a Technical Post.)

As you probably saw, this is NOT a technical post. It’s a post about a sprite Image I made about Mega Man. Well, here it is:

The girl in the image is Mega Man’s sister, and the one singing in the shower is Mega Man.


SD cards. SEE? It makes sense calling it that. Anyway, bye!

Zu3D Animation Kit Review

I’ve been sent a Zu3D Animation kit to review- so here goes…

I really liked this kit as it was easy to use and very good for animating. If you saw my skylanders giants competition entry, then you might like know that I created that using Zu3D, so that shows the possible quality of work that even a starting animator like me can create with a rather small amount of work and this animation kit. And simply putting together a bunch of plasticine, clicking a button, moving the plasticine a bit, clicking again, and moving it again is really all that is required. Though I may want to mention to you that the best speed is roughly 10.0, so you’d need to repeat this process 300 times to created just thirty seconds of film so… It will usually take a long, long time to created even one scene of that stop motion film every budding animator dreams of animating. So, you’ll need to be very patient before you become chief animator at Aardman or anything like that.

This is a GREAT animating kit, so I’m going to give it a big fat score of 9.7.

Here are some examples of the films I created using Zu3D:

You can buy the kit via Amazon – here’s a handy (affiliate) link.