Minecraft PaperCraft: Shelter Pack Review

And now, for the first time…



I’m pretty sure most people reading this will know about the Hit PC Game Minecraft. It’s well-known for its freestyle game structure, Iconic Monsters and… Urr… Simple Graphics.

So, today I’m reviewing a lovely Minecraft Papercraft Set, The Shelter Pack. This comes with Wilf The Wolf

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

(Well, actually just any old Tame wolf.) and Steve, as well as a bunch of Blocks and… Two Doors.

Hey, a Shelter needs a DOOR, right?

Well, here’s how the thing goes. The set comes with 48 foldable pieces. These are held together by tabs and slots.

The Steve and Wolf (Wilf) are quite hard to make, especially since it’s harder to make them in the order the manual suggests.

Perfection in the manual, right there…

Also, they don’t stay together very well, with Steve’s shoulders and Wilf’s neck springing open like there’s no tomorrow.  Besides that, though, it’s a very good and sturdy and set, with only the Glass Blocks easily breaking. Also, there’s a roll of “Mortar” Tape (Textured Sticky Tape) to hold blocks together. Besides the limited supply, this is great, and I used it to make my doorway.

I employed the Mortar Tape to manufacture my doorway…2013-12-18 11.02.49

I put together my toy doorway with Mortar Tape…

One of those things where there’s no way to say it without sounding wierd. It turns out there are loads of other sets of these too, including the Minecart Pack (more a Machines in general pack), the Animal Pack, and the Deluxe Pack. While these sets might be a little expensive for my liking, they still have a great selection of various blocks, Mobs, and Items. The only things I’ve noticed missing that I think should be added are…

  1. Neutral Mobs. These make up a surprising amount of Minecraft and include Zombie Pigmen, Iron Golems and Endermen.
  2. Boss Mobs. Think the Wither. The Ender Dragon might be a bit much to ask, but you’ve gotta think big if you want to be successful, right?
  3. The Nether. This is a whole world of its own, and from what I can tell, nothing from it has been included in any sets so far. While this might overlap Neutral mobs a bit (Zombie Pigmen come from the Nether), it’s still an important section of Minecraft and deserves its own set/sets.

Returning to the Shelter Pack Itself, it’s a great set even for people who aren’t too Minecrafty, goes as a great set on its own or accompanied, and gets a 9.65/10 for its troubles. I’d be happy to review more of them.

That’s a nice Set you have there… It would be a shame if sssSSsssSomething were to happen to it.

Zu3D: Dinosaurs In Space!

I know.

Dinosaurs. And Space.


So, positively AGES ago, I was sent…


So, I have, in the past, shown my Compliments to Zu3D. I have reviewed the kit before, AND NOW I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

Ahem. So, I have, I hope, Improved my Animation now, so I’ve hopefully made a better film now. Anyway, I still agree with my previous review, I still think this is very good software. It’s probably updated or something by now, but I’m still using the same Software as last time, so I don’t really need to cover it again. Anyway, this kit is good as always, and includes some useful tools. The only problem is it doesn’t say what each one’s for. Here’s what went through my mind while using the tools for modeling:

Is this one supposed to be a shaping tool? Well, I hope so, since I just used it for shaping. Ooh, this one’s great for making eye sockets! That first one’s great for making the mouth… And this one’s  good for making those little features like noses too!

So, the tools are very useful, but I was puzzled at first about which one did what. So, I’ll try and explain:

One of them is a Scalene Triangle. I used this for cutting and making mouths, it also came in useful for shaping surfaces and flattening them out.

Name: Scalene-Triangle-Knife-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Cutting
  • Making deep (yet not complete) cuts such as mouths

Secondary uses:

  • Shaping and Flattening surfaces

Another is a slightly pointy tool, with a pin-like object going out at an angle. I used it for drawing lines and other features.

Name: Pointy-Bent-Pin-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Making more shallow cuts such as Dino Nostrils
  • Drawing lines for features such as markings

The last one I can remember is a ball on a stick. Yeah.

Name: Ball on a Stick

Primary uses:

  • Making Eye Sockets?

317 words. On something I’ve been sent before. That’s enough, right?

OH YEAH, here’s the Animation I made. About…

Dinosaurs. And Space.



So, if anything, this kit is better than before, so it gets…


358 words. Yeah.


TMNT 1-3 Movie Review

Alright, I’m in quite a Bad Mood at the moment, so let’s get this overdue thing over with.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent three Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of  The Ooze, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. It took me a while to get to really watching them, and a while more to start writing this review, so here I am, at the package release. To note, these are old Movies which have been released before, so I have absolutely NO idea WHY the people who made them want  me to review them as a Package.

Wow, 108 words before even starting the real Review? I’m rambling. Let’s just get to the Movies.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. Actually an okay Movie, discounting the obviously old Special Effects. Some of the Jokes were actually funny, despite TMNT’s current legacy. You can see the good old days of the Turtles showing themselves in this film, and according to the Wikipedia article this movie was made in the peak of TMNT’s popularity, and it possibly even helped it up. As it was a good movie, I’ll let the slightly odd Backstory and strange General Idea of the Turtles pass by with this movie.

Pizza Sub-Total: 3

Out of 10: 7.9

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of The Ooze. While this rides rather awkwardly on the last movie as a slightly disjointed sequel, it manages to pull off being a good movie anyway. It introduced 2 villains, Tokka and Rahzar, (Yes, I looked those up. I would have spelt them (by the way the Turtles said them) Toecut and Rayzar, respectively, but anyway…) as well as (somehow) bringing back the Shredder, (which, by the way, confuses me a lot. I mean, to survive what they did to him in the last movie, he’d have to be quite a lot harder than nails.) who got sweet new Buzzsaw-like helmet, since we actually SAW (BWAHAthat wasn’t funny at all, was it?) his old one getting crushed at the end of the last movie. I mean, he was in the same place as his Helmet when it was crushed. (Man. Shredder is tough. His METAL HELMET didn’t survive, yet HE did. Just… Wow.) What a medical Marvel. What is he, Wolverine? (You’ve got to admit that one was a LITTLE funny. (OKAY, FINE, it wasn’t!)) Adamantium in his bones… Actually, now I think of it, he has claws on his gauntlets, doesn’t he? Wierd… (SHUTUPSPELLCHECKSHUTUPSHUTUP (THAT, you MUST admit, was a little funny. In case you don’t get it, look here.))

Pizza Sub-Total: 4

Out of 10: 7

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time. Alright,  this time, (That one wasn’t even on purpose.) you get no excuse. This is NOT a good movie. Nope. Your jokes aren’t funny any more, your storyline is messed up, your idea of Time Travel is completely wrong, and you dealt away with two of the best characters. NO. NO, NO, NO. I don’t CARE what the last movie OR the one before it was like, this movie is NOT GOOD. NO. Even Splinter’s One-liner at the end of this movie was NOT funny (No, Splinter, You DIDN’T make a funny.) and there was little to NO (I’m not doing it on purpose! I swear!) constistency between Ideas in the film, and I dare not say more.

Pizza Sub-Total: 0

Out of 10: NO. (3.4.)

So, to wrap it up, the Pizza Total is:


And, out of 10, the rating of the package is:


(It was gonna be out of 30, but it was 18.3, which could be simplified.)

If you’ve got a fan of the Turtles in your house, you probably have a pretty good present on your hands here. And, if you like the Turtles yourself, you might wanna add this to your Christmas list.

So, to finish off the review…

[I’m not gonna say it. No. I am NOT saying Cowabunga.]

Rivets Stealth Fighter Review


Recently, I got a Rivets “Stealth Fighter” Toy to review. I was reluctant to do it at first to it looking similar to something I had had Past Experience with. But it was a lot more sturdy than the thing I was growling about on the other side of that link.

Before going through building, looking at and inspecting it, I’ll give the Basic Idea. Essentially, you are given shapes of card which are folded in certain ways to look like a particular shape (Say, the cockpit of our Fighter Jet) and are then “Riveted” together. This is kind of hard to explain… A Rivet head is shaped a bit like a Screw, with the top having a hole in it and the underside having two long points which are covering the hole, and when the Rivet (Kind of a tiny pin thing, but it’s plastic and not sharp.) forces the points open so that the Rivet keeps the pieces of card together.

I didn’t explain that very well at all, did I?

Well, it was fairly easy to build and even though it will take you all day (It took me 2 nights) the end results can be described in one word:


Or maybe two:


Or, if you see fit, three:


It’s really big, too, a lot bigger than either my mother or me expected. Didn’t it say… 50 mm? I’m not good at abstract measuring, so that may well be 450 mm off the mark. Now that I think of it… Yeah, 500 mm sounds right.

That’s half a meter, right? Right.

However, one thing about the manual: You have to look through the whole thing to understand it, and I know most people making this will be used to manuals telling you what to do in order, so that is a little out-of-ordinary.

Still, putting that part aside, this makes a great model and present, and can even be hung up due to its lightweight (It is made out of card) model.

So, for this you get… 9.7/10, maybe? I get sent a lot of good stuff.

(Note: They spell it “Rivetz”, so don’t look up “Rivets Stealth Fighter”. You’ll get better results from “Rivetz Stealth Fighter”.)

Lite Brix Review

(No, I do NOT spell Light like that, They’re actually CALLED Lite Brix.)

Horrible spelling usage aside, I got 2 Lite Brix Sets, a racing car and a helicopter. So, I’ll go through the features.

First, the instructions are very clear and helpful, and highlight where you’re supposed to put things, rather than just pointing arrows down in the general direction of where you’re supposed to put, and the arrows are short to the degree where you assume you’re supposed to put it to the north of where you’re actually supposed to put it.

I’m looking at you, Lego.

The racing car is simple, easy to build and fun once it’s built, and it may be a little difficult to get the batteries in, but the fantastic light display you get is definitely worth it.

8.7/10 for the Racing Car.

The Helicopter is more difficult, complicated and frustrating to build. It has an equally impressive light display, but IT’S STILL HARD TO BUILD. I’d say this one is more like a model than a toy, and is a lot more fragile than the other. It still gets a high rating though, it’s a good  model and very impressive.

8.5 maybe? I generally look for toys, myself, but I know some people prefer models, so some people will enjoy the racing Car more, some people the Helicopter.

So, out of 20, 17.2, I think it is. Bye!


I’ll put some pictures down here soon, please bear with me.

Doctor Who Toys Review

Wow, this is a late one. My apologies for the lateness of this one, so let’s get started.

I got sent 2 figures and a card diorama set, both Doctor Who-themed, a while ago. I enjoyed the figures which were authentic to the show, and created 2 stop-motion videos with them. The one of the Cyberman is still on the DS, but the one of the Weeping Angel is on the computer waiting to be posted. The Angel could maybe do with more articulation, but hey, it’s a Weeping Angel. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who, you’ll be able to make do. The Cyberman is fun to play with and has plenty of articulation, so for the figures, I’ll give 7.8 points for each.

Then there’s the Card Diorama. *sigh*…

Okay, it’s HORRIBLE to build. It took ages. It’s pretty satisfying once it’s built.

For the 5 minutes it works.


Also, they included an unarmoured Ice Warrior.


2 points for this DUMB PIECE OF JUNK.

3 points for the figure.

Oh yeah, they had a 3rd Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver too. It’s got an authentic appearance and does everything the real one does!

(It looks cool and makes funny noises.)

8 points for that.

The grand total of the points is…

29.6 POINTS OUT OF 50!!!

Now, I’ve got two pictures of the action figures and card Diorama:

Cyberman Toy ScreenshotWeeping Angel Toy Screenshot

That’s all, folks!

Happyland Review

This is an interesting one. See, I read this book while I was away. And now, I’ll review it.

Right, this is quite a wierd book (Shut up spellcheck) which is because it’s a more “Terror at the funfair” kind of book, which means the title is quite misleading. It’s got interesting characters with interesting origins, plus an evil psycho clown who we know almost nothing about.

Apart from the fact that he’s evil, crazy, traps people in funfairs, prevents them aging, and has complete control over most things in the funfair.


Guessed who the villain is yet?

I personally think that Happy the Clown is one of the most interesting characters in the book, even though there are only…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 characters who have much to them. Happy is neck-and-neck with the protagonist “bully” character I can’t recall the name of right now as the most interesting character in the book. Despite being summed up in this short sentence:

Evil psycho clown, traps kids in funfairs, controls rats with various whistles.

Any questions?

As a very interesting yet wierd book (SHUT. UP. SPELLCHECK.) Without much character complexity, I still like it and think it deserves a 9 out of 10. Pretty good one, there. Well, see you later, bye-bye, whatever I’m supposed to say here.

Abominators Series Review

Right, I’ve got three books from the same series to review. Alright, let’s get this over with. 3… 2… 1…


Alright, Abominators 1. This is an excellent start to the series, introducing all the characters well, with their collective backstory beginning here. It goes in-depth with all the characters, especially Cecil, who wins the focus of the first book being a very interesting character. The plot is put together well, showing every character in an interesting light, and has enough backstory in my opinion to have a pretty interesting prequel and has enough going on to also have a good sequel.

(Hint hint.)

Abominators in the wild continues on from Abominators, going into even more individual depth about every character, even revealing their real names: Cheesy’s real name is William, for example. Also, I thought Bob (The female member of the gang) had kept her name, but it turns out it’s actually Ruby.

Yes, I know. I thought the female was called Bob. It’s the only plausible name in the gang as I can’t really imagine anyone calling their kid Boogster or Mucker. Maybe her parents were wierd. Despite putting depth into each character individually, it also has an interesting backstory which is…

Intertwined with…

Character depth.

You want a Storyline, read Book 1 or 3, Book 2 mainly focuses on character depth.

Right, I’ve done The Abominators and The Abominators in the wild, now for Book 3:

The Abominators and The Forces of Evil.

This has a Storyline again instead of a book which focuses on character depth, and actually focuses on Storyline quite a lot.


Number 1 evens out story and character depth, Number 2 is mostly character depth, and Number 3 is more storyline?

Now I wonder what Number 4 will be like.

Anyway, Book 3 has a more action storyline, as the name may imply. It also questions relationships between the characters, even getting Bob briefly kicked out because of an accident.

If you’re pondering on that “Relationships” bit, then…


Just… No.

Well, now we actually have ANTAGONISTS. Who, sadly, won’t be coming back to the series. As they’re gone from the Grimelyshire area the books focus on, I’m wondering if we’ll have actual antagonists again, and, if so, what they’ll be like.

So, there are a lot of questions about what the rest of the series is going to be like from my point of view. And, to rate the entire series so far out of 10…



Ben 10 Toys Review

Recently I got sent two Ben 10 toys to review: A wind-up Crashhopper toy and a “Rook’s proto-truck” playset. I’ll start with the Crashhopper toy.

It’s fairly small and disappears pretty quickly, and it’s pretty hard to wind up. But…

It jumps really, REALLY high, just like in the show.


Ahem. Also it’s pretty well proportioned towards the other character toys, which is proved by the (exclusive) character toy of Rook Blonko in the proto-truck set. But it’s only exclusive because it’s all one colour and is kinda transparent. HOWEVER…

This makes it look good AWESOME when held up to the light. Except the eyes. I don’t see the point of making the eyes look normal. The actual truck is interesting because, when you press a button on a handle in the back of the truck, it quickly appears to fall to pieces awkwardly TURNS INTO A SPACESHIP! With a little intervention from that point, it can turn from  a normal plumbing truck to a fully-fledged battleship. And remember the handle? You can use it to prevent the need to hold on to the top of the spaceship and to give a much better play experience. Also Rook fits in the truck’s front seat, and the truck has a back seat which you can put other toys in. So it’s compatible with the other action figures, including the one of rook, which COMPLETELY ELIMINATES the need to make an exclusive toy with it.

Really. Why’d you even bother to make it in the first place?

Also, It’s in a huge box, which I don’t see the point of, as when put together every last bit of it would fit comfortably in a shoebox.


Well, they’re still pretty good toys and if you like Ben 10 I’d definitely recommend you get them. Out of 10, um… 9. Yeah, I could have done it out of 20, but it was an even number so I simplified it. [Insert sign-off phrase here]!

Wizard 101 Review Follow-up

Alright, in the last review I failed to mention the downsides very well. Well, firstly, you have to PAY for almost everything, which I recently found out. Not this area, you need to pay in real money for that! Not that minigame, you can’t do that either!

Do I sound like I’m angry? I’M ANGRY.

Also, there’s no abandon quest button, so you often get stuck with quests you can’t complete without paying. I mean, they could at least TELL you before you accept a quest that it’s gonna require real money! The only GOOD thing about the enormous greed from gameforge is that you don’t use the second currency, crowns, outside of the crown shop, and even in there you can buy some of the items with gold. But it’s still ridiculously greedy. So, I’ve decided to dock points off the game for the ridiculous greed. Let’s say… 0.9 points? It’s still a good game, but I’m really mad. Can you tell?

There goes your 9.89 rating, down to 8.99. Well done, gameforge, you’ve sincerely infuriated me.

(Note: This is only a follow-up review, for the full review see Wizard 101 Review.)