Hector Trogg’s Perfect World Review

Stubbornness. Bleh.

A while ago, I was sent a book and Audiobook (I do LOVE audiobooks.) called Hector Trogg’s Perfect World. I started reading it while I was camping, and at first I was a little disappointed- The testimonials at the start of the book had claimed not a boy in the world wouldn’t enjoy it, and one boy even went so far to say it was the best book he’d ever read. I was disappointed because there was no kind of buildup- no insight into the life of the characters, it almost immediately throws you into an Aerial Dogfight with no time for character introduction. And, while some books have a beginning which drags on and ON and ON (some series even have entire books dedicated to this), and this can truly ruin something with potential, the opposite extreme isn’t good either- it confuses you, overwhelms you and puts you off, it makes the characters seem less believable because you don’t know enough about them to make sense of their actions, and it requires one heck of a recovery to be the best book I’ve ever read, especially when I’ve read Ender’s Game. But, fortunately, I hadn’t brought any other books with me, so against my better judgement, I kept reading. And, to my surprise, it got a lot better. It slowed down a bit and showed a bit more of the characters, and once it had deepened the characters a bit, it introduced more, and it kept the speed right, which was a huge relief after the overwhelmingly fast first chapter, which did the introduction in about 10 pages and then DOGFIGHT. It changed the setting to something both funny and interesting, and kept the characters to a set of about five, which is a good number. It still suffered from the quick start though, which is a shame, because it could have been something really incredible. Is it the best book I’ve ever read? No. Is it good, and worth a read? Definitely. 8.5/10.

I do wonder if I’m getting cynical. Everyone else seemed to love it, I mean, just LOOK at all the reviews they have, they all call it brilliant. *Sigh* Well, opinion done. Written. Set in Stone. Bye.

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