Monkey & Me Review.

I can’t think of anything funny to put here. Hmm…

Okay, this one isn’t overdue I don’t think, but I probably should have reviewed it a few days ago. But on topic of the book, a while back I got the book in the post (which, for once, I was actually EXPECTING.), and it was really a…

I want to use the term page-turner here, but I’m not sure if it’s accurate. Hold on a sec.

Yeah, it’s a page-turner. It was a really great book, and it was really funny. Until, of course, the kid in it  cut his leg open and ran away from home.

…Yeah. That part was really unexpected. Then again, it’s a cancer book, what DID I expect?

The main character does have leukemia, which is kind of a broad term, since their a loads of types, ut= WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO MY HAND-

Ahem. Mistakes in my typing aside, it was a really great and funny book, and it had a Monkey. I like Monkeys.

I can relate to them. (Okay, he’s technically a Chimpanzee, but come on.) In fact, I like Animals in general, but Monkeys/Chimpanzees and Hedgehogs are some of my favourites. Yeah.

So, in the end I really enjoyed this book, and though it’s darker than you might expect, it all ended well.

Let’s see… 9.85/10. YAY!

Maybe the next post will be about Minecraft? I’m trying to think of an original approach to the subject.


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