Rivetz Dragon!

It should be an s…

Welcome to another episode of “Deadlines? What are those?” with your host, Simon!

Yeah, so this is probably the most overdue thing I’ve ever done, and for that I sincerely apologize. It’s just I lost the Rivet Gun, then I lost the Rivets themselves, and I only found them a few days ago. So, I apologize for being ridiculously late.

So, a few weeks back, I was sent a Rivetz Dragon, similar to the Fighter Jet I reviewed a while ago. I quite liked the look of it, and I got up to connecting the neck to the body…

And then it got fiddly. VERY fiddly.

I had to Rivet together…

  • The Arm.
  • The Shoulder.
  • The Wing.
  • The Underside of the Wing.
  • And the Body.

I had to get help from my mother to accomplish it at all.

Luckily, I managed to do the Left Arm/Wing more easily, and then I managed to do…

1 Step before I needed help again. Urgh…

It took me a while, but I eventually managed to finish it.

And it looked AWESOME.

If anything, it looks even better than the Jet did right after completion, and even better, it’s made so you can have it crawling up your wall.

Who WOULDN’T want a room decoration like that?

It’s even bigger than the Jet, too, and a lot bigger than I expected. So it looks awesome, even if it is hard to make, and I felt very satisfied after managing it.

So the score of this Dragon… I actually like it more than the Jet, so 9.8/10. Yeah.

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