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Woo, Itsbeenthreeweekssinceposttwo!

Let’s do this thing!

Grail of Stars, by Katherine Roberts. Yaay…

So, I got this book. A couple of weeks ago. But I read it, and I enjoyed it. I’ve actually finished the series now, which is good and bad in different ways:

It’s good, because I finished a great book series.

It’s bad, because I really liked them and I’ve run out of book. 🙁

But still, I really liked the book.

The Sword and The Circle, by Rosemary Sutcliff. Rather than being a very loosely based on legends book (like Pendragon legacy), it’s a rather more firm retelling, with stories of Merlin (Being Merlin) and Arthur (being Arthur).

Actually, mainly just Arthur. Merlin only made it to Chapter 5 out of 13.

After reading Pendragon Legacy and seeing the TV Show Merlin, I’m surprised by how different this was to both of them. Pendragon Legacy had the same kind of base, with King arthur being advised by Merlin and getting killed by Mordred at Camlann. Merlin had…




Cos’ in the show…

Merlin isn’t an advisor and Magician, he’s a servant who secretly uses magic! Guenevere’s not a QUEEN, she’s another servant who Arthur eventually falls in love with! Arthur isn’t even a king who someone fostered who proved he was King by drawing a Magic Sword out of a Stone, he was Prince from the start!!!

Urgh. Modern Culture feeling the need to take the names of Legends and use them as their own…

Is that all? I thought I’d read more. Heh. Well, 16 more to-

Actually, nah. If I keep the target this low, I’ll smash it before may. Let’s raise it to 52, shall we? Yeah. From now on, it’s Read52.


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