Minecraft PaperCraft: Shelter Pack Review

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I’m pretty sure most people reading this will know about the Hit PC Game Minecraft. It’s well-known for its freestyle game structure, Iconic Monsters and… Urr… Simple Graphics.

So, today I’m reviewing a lovely Minecraft Papercraft Set, The Shelter Pack. This comes with Wilf The Wolf

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

(Well, actually just any old Tame wolf.) and Steve, as well as a bunch of Blocks and… Two Doors.

Hey, a Shelter needs a DOOR, right?

Well, here’s how the thing goes. The set comes with 48 foldable pieces. These are held together by tabs and slots.

The Steve and Wolf (Wilf) are quite hard to make, especially since it’s harder to make them in the order the manual suggests.

Perfection in the manual, right there…

Also, they don’t stay together very well, with Steve’s shoulders and Wilf’s neck springing open like there’s no tomorrow.  Besides that, though, it’s a very good and sturdy and set, with only the Glass Blocks easily breaking. Also, there’s a roll of “Mortar” Tape (Textured Sticky Tape) to hold blocks together. Besides the limited supply, this is great, and I used it to make my doorway.

I employed the Mortar Tape to manufacture my doorway…2013-12-18 11.02.49

I put together my toy doorway with Mortar Tape…

One of those things where there’s no way to say it without sounding wierd. It turns out there are loads of other sets of these too, including the Minecart Pack (more a Machines in general pack), the Animal Pack, and the Deluxe Pack. While these sets might be a little expensive for my liking, they still have a great selection of various blocks, Mobs, and Items. The only things I’ve noticed missing that I think should be added are…

  1. Neutral Mobs. These make up a surprising amount of Minecraft and include Zombie Pigmen, Iron Golems and Endermen.
  2. Boss Mobs. Think the Wither. The Ender Dragon might be a bit much to ask, but you’ve gotta think big if you want to be successful, right?
  3. The Nether. This is a whole world of its own, and from what I can tell, nothing from it has been included in any sets so far. While this might overlap Neutral mobs a bit (Zombie Pigmen come from the Nether), it’s still an important section of Minecraft and deserves its own set/sets.

Returning to the Shelter Pack Itself, it’s a great set even for people who aren’t too Minecrafty, goes as a great set on its own or accompanied, and gets a 9.65/10 for its troubles. I’d be happy to review more of them.

That’s a nice Set you have there… It would be a shame if sssSSsssSomething were to happen to it.


  1. charlie says:

    Hey I have minecraft pe and on creative I have two pet creepers !!!!!!!!!

  2. nice describes wats good wats bad about it. 🙂

  3. cool description, but go get a life

  4. cool description, but go get a life

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