Zu3D: Dinosaurs In Space!

I know.

Dinosaurs. And Space.


So, positively AGES ago, I was sent…


So, I have, in the past, shown my Compliments to Zu3D. I have reviewed the kit before, AND NOW I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

Ahem. So, I have, I hope, Improved my Animation now, so I’ve hopefully made a better film now. Anyway, I still agree with my previous review, I still think this is very good software. It’s probably updated or something by now, but I’m still using the same Software as last time, so I don’t really need to cover it again. Anyway, this kit is good as always, and includes some useful tools. The only problem is it doesn’t say what each one’s for. Here’s what went through my mind while using the tools for modeling:

Is this one supposed to be a shaping tool? Well, I hope so, since I just used it for shaping. Ooh, this one’s great for making eye sockets! That first one’s great for making the mouth… And this one’s  good for making those little features like noses too!

So, the tools are very useful, but I was puzzled at first about which one did what. So, I’ll try and explain:

One of them is a Scalene Triangle. I used this for cutting and making mouths, it also came in useful for shaping surfaces and flattening them out.

Name: Scalene-Triangle-Knife-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Cutting
  • Making deep (yet not complete) cuts such as mouths

Secondary uses:

  • Shaping and Flattening surfaces

Another is a slightly pointy tool, with a pin-like object going out at an angle. I used it for drawing lines and other features.

Name: Pointy-Bent-Pin-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Making more shallow cuts such as Dino Nostrils
  • Drawing lines for features such as markings

The last one I can remember is a ball on a stick. Yeah.

Name: Ball on a Stick

Primary uses:

  • Making Eye Sockets?

317 words. On something I’ve been sent before. That’s enough, right?

OH YEAH, here’s the Animation I made. About…

Dinosaurs. And Space.



So, if anything, this kit is better than before, so it gets…


358 words. Yeah.



  1. Nice review. Glad you enjoyed it. Excellent film, well done.

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