Rivets Stealth Fighter Review


Recently, I got a Rivets “Stealth Fighter” Toy to review. I was reluctant to do it at first to it looking similar to something I had had Past Experience with. But it was a lot more sturdy than the thing I was growling about on the other side of that link.

Before going through building, looking at and inspecting it, I’ll give the Basic Idea. Essentially, you are given shapes of card which are folded in certain ways to look like a particular shape (Say, the cockpit of our Fighter Jet) and are then “Riveted” together. This is kind of hard to explain… A Rivet head is shaped a bit like a Screw, with the top having a hole in it and the underside having two long points which are covering the hole, and when the Rivet (Kind of a tiny pin thing, but it’s plastic and not sharp.) forces the points open so that the Rivet keeps the pieces of card together.

I didn’t explain that very well at all, did I?

Well, it was fairly easy to build and even though it will take you all day (It took me 2 nights) the end results can be described in one word:


Or maybe two:


Or, if you see fit, three:


It’s really big, too, a lot bigger than either my mother or me expected. Didn’t it say… 50 mm? I’m not good at abstract measuring, so that may well be 450 mm off the mark. Now that I think of it… Yeah, 500 mm sounds right.

That’s half a meter, right? Right.

However, one thing about the manual: You have to look through the whole thing to understand it, and I know most people making this will be used to manuals telling you what to do in order, so that is a little out-of-ordinary.

Still, putting that part aside, this makes a great model and present, and can even be hung up due to its lightweight (It is made out of card) model.

So, for this you get… 9.7/10, maybe? I get sent a lot of good stuff.

(Note: They spell it “Rivetz”, so don’t look up “Rivets Stealth Fighter”. You’ll get better results from “Rivetz Stealth Fighter”.)


  1. Good review. It looks great as well.

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