Lite Brix Review

(No, I do NOT spell Light like that, They’re actually CALLED Lite Brix.)

Horrible spelling usage aside, I got 2 Lite Brix Sets, a racing car and a helicopter. So, I’ll go through the features.

First, the instructions are very clear and helpful, and highlight where you’re supposed to put things, rather than just pointing arrows down in the general direction of where you’re supposed to put, and the arrows are short to the degree where you assume you’re supposed to put it to the north of where you’re actually supposed to put it.

I’m looking at you, Lego.

The racing car is simple, easy to build and fun once it’s built, and it may be a little difficult to get the batteries in, but the fantastic light display you get is definitely worth it.

8.7/10 for the Racing Car.

The Helicopter is more difficult, complicated and frustrating to build. It has an equally impressive light display, but IT’S STILL HARD TO BUILD. I’d say this one is more like a model than a toy, and is a lot more fragile than the other. It still gets a high rating though, it’s a good  model and very impressive.

8.5 maybe? I generally look for toys, myself, but I know some people prefer models, so some people will enjoy the racing Car more, some people the Helicopter.

So, out of 20, 17.2, I think it is. Bye!


I’ll put some pictures down here soon, please bear with me.

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