Abominators Series Review

Right, I’ve got three books from the same series to review. Alright, let’s get this over with. 3… 2… 1…


Alright, Abominators 1. This is an excellent start to the series, introducing all the characters well, with their collective backstory beginning here. It goes in-depth with all the characters, especially Cecil, who wins the focus of the first book being a very interesting character. The plot is put together well, showing every character in an interesting light, and has enough backstory in my opinion to have a pretty interesting prequel and has enough going on to also have a good sequel.

(Hint hint.)

Abominators in the wild continues on from Abominators, going into even more individual depth about every character, even revealing their real names: Cheesy’s real name is William, for example. Also, I thought Bob (The female member of the gang) had kept her name, but it turns out it’s actually Ruby.

Yes, I know. I thought the female was called Bob. It’s the only plausible name in the gang as I can’t really imagine anyone calling their kid Boogster or Mucker. Maybe her parents were wierd. Despite putting depth into each character individually, it also has an interesting backstory which is…

Intertwined with…

Character depth.

You want a Storyline, read Book 1 or 3, Book 2 mainly focuses on character depth.

Right, I’ve done The Abominators and The Abominators in the wild, now for Book 3:

The Abominators and The Forces of Evil.

This has a Storyline again instead of a book which focuses on character depth, and actually focuses on Storyline quite a lot.


Number 1 evens out story and character depth, Number 2 is mostly character depth, and Number 3 is more storyline?

Now I wonder what Number 4 will be like.

Anyway, Book 3 has a more action storyline, as the name may imply. It also questions relationships between the characters, even getting Bob briefly kicked out because of an accident.

If you’re pondering on that “Relationships” bit, then…


Just… No.

Well, now we actually have ANTAGONISTS. Who, sadly, won’t be coming back to the series. As they’re gone from the Grimelyshire area the books focus on, I’m wondering if we’ll have actual antagonists again, and, if so, what they’ll be like.

So, there are a lot of questions about what the rest of the series is going to be like from my point of view. And, to rate the entire series so far out of 10…



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