Wizard 101 Review Follow-up

Alright, in the last review I failed to mention the downsides very well. Well, firstly, you have to PAY for almost everything, which I recently found out. Not this area, you need to pay in real money for that! Not that minigame, you can’t do that either!

Do I sound like I’m angry? I’M ANGRY.

Also, there’s no abandon quest button, so you often get stuck with quests you can’t complete without paying. I mean, they could at least TELL you before you accept a quest that it’s gonna require real money! The only GOOD thing about the enormous greed from gameforge is that you don’t use the second currency, crowns, outside of the crown shop, and even in there you can buy some of the items with gold. But it’s still ridiculously greedy. So, I’ve decided to dock points off the game for the ridiculous greed. Let’s say… 0.9 points? It’s still a good game, but I’m really mad. Can you tell?

There goes your 9.89 rating, down to 8.99. Well done, gameforge, you’ve sincerely infuriated me.

(Note: This is only a follow-up review, for the full review see Wizard 101 Review.)

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