Zu3D Animation Kit Review

I’ve been sent a Zu3D Animation kit to review- so here goes…

I really liked this kit as it was easy to use and very good for animating. If you saw my skylanders giants competition entry, then you might like know that I created that using Zu3D, so that shows the possible quality of work that even a starting animator like me can create with a rather small amount of work and this animation kit. And simply putting together a bunch of plasticine, clicking a button, moving the plasticine a bit, clicking again, and moving it again is really all that is required. Though I may want to mention to you that the best speed is roughly 10.0, so you’d need to repeat this process 300 times to created just thirty seconds of film so… It will usually take a long, long time to created even one scene of that stop motion film every budding animator dreams of animating. So, you’ll need to be very patient before you become chief animator at Aardman or anything like that.

This is a GREAT animating kit, so I’m going to give it a big fat score of 9.7.

Here are some examples of the films I created using Zu3D:

You can buy the kit via Amazon – here’s a handy (affiliate) link.


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