Rivetz Dragon!

It should be an s…

Welcome to another episode of “Deadlines? What are those?” with your host, Simon!

Yeah, so this is probably the most overdue thing I’ve ever done, and for that I sincerely apologize. It’s just I lost the Rivet Gun, then I lost the Rivets themselves, and I only found them a few days ago. So, I apologize for being ridiculously late.

So, a few weeks back, I was sent a Rivetz Dragon, similar to the Fighter Jet I reviewed a while ago. I quite liked the look of it, and I got up to connecting the neck to the body…

And then it got fiddly. VERY fiddly.

I had to Rivet together…

  • The Arm.
  • The Shoulder.
  • The Wing.
  • The Underside of the Wing.
  • And the Body.

I had to get help from my mother to accomplish it at all.

Luckily, I managed to do the Left Arm/Wing more easily, and then I managed to do…

1 Step before I needed help again. Urgh…

It took me a while, but I eventually managed to finish it.

And it looked AWESOME.

If anything, it looks even better than the Jet did right after completion, and even better, it’s made so you can have it crawling up your wall.

Who WOULDN’T want a room decoration like that?

It’s even bigger than the Jet, too, and a lot bigger than I expected. So it looks awesome, even if it is hard to make, and I felt very satisfied after managing it.

So the score of this Dragon… I actually like it more than the Jet, so 9.8/10. Yeah.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 Review.

Right. Most people will probably know about Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs (Wow, that’s a mouthful. (No awful Pun intended.)), but for those who don’t, I’ll give a (very) quick recap of the basic storyline:

Flint Lockwood, young inventor, creates a machine to turn water into food: the FLINSDMFR. FLINT- FLINMRD- FLMD- FISMD- FISBDR- FFLLIINNSSDDMMFFRR… FLINSDMFR. FLINSDMFR. Okay. He accidently sends it into the atmosphere, causing it to rain food, however after time the machine goes haywire, making it create food hurricanes and suchlike. He destroys (hold onto that thought) the machine, saving the world from destruction. …That’s it.

And then in THIS Movie, we find out the machine survived, and is bringing food to life. I’m talking Shrimpanzees and Living Pickles here. And Tacodiles. And Cheese Spiders.

Now, speaking from a neutral standpoint, it probably wasn’t a very good movie and was kind of daft, but I liked it anyway. It was fun, hilarious, and enjoyable to watch, and I think that’s what really counts to me. It was a very interesting Idea, too, and the creativity definitely deserves some mention, and it even had one of those easter egg thingies in it. NOW I’M GOING TO HAVE TO WATCH THE MOVIE AGAIN TO SEE EVERY SHOT WITH THE SASQUASH IN IT-

Ahem. While it might be a rather silly idea, it was a very well executed idea, to the point where I really liked it. It’ll make a nice family film, it’s good for a laugh, and it’s definitely worth a watch, especially if you liked the first one.

So, the overall rating? Well, I kind of have mixed feelings on this one… Eh, 9/10. I really liked it.

Read 26, Post 3.

Woo, Itsbeenthreeweekssinceposttwo!

Let’s do this thing!

Grail of Stars, by Katherine Roberts. Yaay…

So, I got this book. A couple of weeks ago. But I read it, and I enjoyed it. I’ve actually finished the series now, which is good and bad in different ways:

It’s good, because I finished a great book series.

It’s bad, because I really liked them and I’ve run out of book. :(

But still, I really liked the book.

The Sword and The Circle, by Rosemary Sutcliff. Rather than being a very loosely based on legends book (like Pendragon legacy), it’s a rather more firm retelling, with stories of Merlin (Being Merlin) and Arthur (being Arthur).

Actually, mainly just Arthur. Merlin only made it to Chapter 5 out of 13.

After reading Pendragon Legacy and seeing the TV Show Merlin, I’m surprised by how different this was to both of them. Pendragon Legacy had the same kind of base, with King arthur being advised by Merlin and getting killed by Mordred at Camlann. Merlin had…




Cos’ in the show…

Merlin isn’t an advisor and Magician, he’s a servant who secretly uses magic! Guenevere’s not a QUEEN, she’s another servant who Arthur eventually falls in love with! Arthur isn’t even a king who someone fostered who proved he was King by drawing a Magic Sword out of a Stone, he was Prince from the start!!!

Urgh. Modern Culture feeling the need to take the names of Legends and use them as their own…

Is that all? I thought I’d read more. Heh. Well, 16 more to-

Actually, nah. If I keep the target this low, I’ll smash it before may. Let’s raise it to 52, shall we? Yeah. From now on, it’s Read52.

Roller Skating.

Right, so yesterday, I went Roller Skating for the first time in my life. I enjoyed myself, though I fell down a lot. BUT THE DAY AFTERWARDS…

Okay, I was told I was gonna get stiff. But here is the list of that hurts when I do it:

  • Laughing.
  • Coughing.
  • Bending over.
  • Sitting down.
  • Standing up.
  • Lying on a hard surface.
  • Sneezing.
  • Hiccuping.
  • Taking big steps.
  • Running.
  • Moving my upper right arm more than a few inches at a time.
  • Bending my body.
  • Turning around more than a few inches at a time.
  • Leaning in any direction.
  • Lifting heavy objects.

Yeah, I think you’ll agree (Ow.) that I’m (OW.) not really (OWWWW!) …Okay, maybe I should stop using my right arm to type. Alright, that should be bette(OW.) Wow, my left arm hurts too? This is gonna be hard to wri(OOW!) Note to self: Don’t scratch nose, ESPEC(OW!) Note self: Don’t move hands too quickly. Alright. I’m not doing any exercise today. You got that? Good. Cos’ I’m(OOOOOWW!!!) I should really remember to go slowly. (OW.) And to not bend over. And the fact that my family keeps making me laugh is NOT helping.(OW!) WHY-WON’T-I-STOP-BENDING-OVER?(OW!)OH, COME ON!!!(OW!)STOP MAKING(OW!) MIND THE SHOULDERBLADE!(OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! OW!)

…I’m writing the rest of this later, WHEN EVERYTHIN(OW!)G STOPS HURTING! (OW!)

Okay, I’m back. Things have stopped hurting now, at least.

So, I enjoyed Roller Skating for the first time, even though I got very stiff afterwards. But if I keep going, I’ll get better at it, and I’ll get less stiff afterwards, right? Well, I enjoyed myself, and that’s what counts.

Read26, Post 2.

Okay, so THAT Plan went out of the window.

Anyone who saw the last post will have checked up on Monday and saw there was no post. So, they would have just thought “Oh, it’ll  be up later today.” But, when they checked on Tuesday, they’d have realized that I, as usual, was late.

And here I am, a WEEK later. My apologies.

Anyways, (YES, I checked that was grammatically correct before typing it. It’s defined as an informal or dialectual form of “Anyway”, I’m being informal.) let’s get to the books!

Demon Dentist, by David Walliams. Another wierd (No red line! Woo-hoo!) book, but then it’s David Walliams, so what do you expect? Anyway, it’s also surprisingly creepy, all Gums and Eyeballs and Slugs and Bat Wings under People’s pillows and suchlike. I liked it anyway, though.

The Rithmatist, by Brandon Sanderson. Two things. Despite the name, it is not about maths, it’s about people who can bring chalk drawings to the life. And the Main Character is not a Rithmatist.


In a lot of fantasy books, there’s a group of people with powers or abilities, Harry Potter for example. And in almost ALL of these books, the main character will be one of these people. Harry Potter for example.

If this is so much more original (and, in my opinion, better written) than Harry Potter, how come an army of Millions will, after reading those brackets, either hatemail my blog or close the page and never read it again?

Strange minds people have…

But, I must respect their opinions, and back on the subject, I enjoyed this book.

How To Twist a Dragon’s Tale, by Cressida Cowell. This is fifth in the How To Train Your Dragon Series, and I’ve read the first, the fifth, the ninth, and the tenth, and own the fifth, ninth and tenth. And I got all of them for christmas. You don’t really need to read these in order, so you can jump in and out as you wish. You can read this first, or a different one, it doesn’t really matter. I liked it, and I really like this series.

The Remaining ones are Captain Underpants and Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, both books which I enjoyed.

18 more to go!

(These are now in a category, Read 26 Updates.)


So, since the beginning of last year (Wow, it’s so wierd (I really wish I could figure out how to turn this browser’s spellcheck off.) to think of 2013 as last Year. I am never getting used to this.), my mother at Making It Up has been doing a Read52 Challenge- an attempt to read 52 books in one year. Now, since I’m getting started and I’m not quite as much of a reading fanatic as her, I’m just going to try to read 26 books this year. Just to be clear- I don’t have to stop at 26, it’s just the minimum target. I can read as many as I want, I could actually Read 52 if I wanted to. But out of that, every Monday possible, I’m going to say what books I read last week in one post. I won’t be giving them full-length reviews, but I will be saying a few sentences about each one, like how I got hold of them and how much I liked them and a rough outline of the story. So, without further ado, the first two books of 2014! (Amazon Links coming soon.)

Crown of Dreams by Katherine Roberts, Book 3 in the Pendragon (Oh, come ON, Spellcheck. First Wierd, then Spellcheck, and now Pendragon? Somebody needs to SHUT this THING UP!!!) Legacy. Interesting story behind me obtaining this, actually: A while ago, I got to choose two books from an online store for free. I chose a Hulk Pop-up book and Sword of Light, Book 1. I really enjoyed Sword of Light, and couldn’t wait to  get my hands on Lance of Truth, the next book. Funnily enough, the next book I got hold of was (a signed copy of) Crown of Dreams in March, from a Competition, and I had to wait until Christmas to get Lance of Truth. I read that in the last few hours of 2013, and read the majority of Crown of Dreams in 2014. Anyway, Crown of Dreams was a very good book, it’s about Rhianna Pendragon-

I’ve done it.

I’ve finally done it.

I SHUT UP SPELLCHECK!!!!!! :D :D :D :D YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, I read another wierd (There’s not a red line under it. This is so… Refreshing.) book last week called Gangsta Granny by David Walliams. This author has written two other books I’ve read, Billionaire Boy and Ratburger, as well as getting Demon Dentist for Christmas, and I’ve noticed Gangsta Granny is a bit sadder than the others. I’m not gonna spoil it though.

Ok, so they’re the books I read last week. I don’t think it’ll be too much of a stretch to read 24 more this year.

Finally Spellcheck has Shut up…

Minecraft PaperCraft: Shelter Pack Review

And now, for the first time…



I’m pretty sure most people reading this will know about the Hit PC Game Minecraft. It’s well-known for its freestyle game structure, Iconic Monsters and… Urr… Simple Graphics.

So, today I’m reviewing a lovely Minecraft Papercraft Set, The Shelter Pack. This comes with Wilf The Wolf

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

Wilf The Wolf is slightly Camera Shy.

(Well, actually just any old Tame wolf.) and Steve, as well as a bunch of Blocks and… Two Doors.

Hey, a Shelter needs a DOOR, right?

Well, here’s how the thing goes. The set comes with 48 foldable pieces. These are held together by tabs and slots.

The Steve and Wolf (Wilf) are quite hard to make, especially since it’s harder to make them in the order the manual suggests.

Perfection in the manual, right there…

Also, they don’t stay together very well, with Steve’s shoulders and Wilf’s neck springing open like there’s no tomorrow.  Besides that, though, it’s a very good and sturdy and set, with only the Glass Blocks easily breaking. Also, there’s a roll of “Mortar” Tape (Textured Sticky Tape) to hold blocks together. Besides the limited supply, this is great, and I used it to make my doorway.

I employed the Mortar Tape to manufacture my doorway…2013-12-18 11.02.49

I put together my toy doorway with Mortar Tape…

One of those things where there’s no way to say it without sounding wierd. It turns out there are loads of other sets of these too, including the Minecart Pack (more a Machines in general pack), the Animal Pack, and the Deluxe Pack. While these sets might be a little expensive for my liking, they still have a great selection of various blocks, Mobs, and Items. The only things I’ve noticed missing that I think should be added are…

  1. Neutral Mobs. These make up a surprising amount of Minecraft and include Zombie Pigmen, Iron Golems and Endermen.
  2. Boss Mobs. Think the Wither. The Ender Dragon might be a bit much to ask, but you’ve gotta think big if you want to be successful, right?
  3. The Nether. This is a whole world of its own, and from what I can tell, nothing from it has been included in any sets so far. While this might overlap Neutral mobs a bit (Zombie Pigmen come from the Nether), it’s still an important section of Minecraft and deserves its own set/sets.

Returning to the Shelter Pack Itself, it’s a great set even for people who aren’t too Minecrafty, goes as a great set on its own or accompanied, and gets a 9.65/10 for its troubles. I’d be happy to review more of them.

That’s a nice Set you have there… It would be a shame if sssSSsssSomething were to happen to it.

Zu3D: Dinosaurs In Space!

I know.

Dinosaurs. And Space.


So, positively AGES ago, I was sent…


So, I have, in the past, shown my Compliments to Zu3D. I have reviewed the kit before, AND NOW I’LL DO IT AGAIN!

Ahem. So, I have, I hope, Improved my Animation now, so I’ve hopefully made a better film now. Anyway, I still agree with my previous review, I still think this is very good software. It’s probably updated or something by now, but I’m still using the same Software as last time, so I don’t really need to cover it again. Anyway, this kit is good as always, and includes some useful tools. The only problem is it doesn’t say what each one’s for. Here’s what went through my mind while using the tools for modeling:

Is this one supposed to be a shaping tool? Well, I hope so, since I just used it for shaping. Ooh, this one’s great for making eye sockets! That first one’s great for making the mouth… And this one’s  good for making those little features like noses too!

So, the tools are very useful, but I was puzzled at first about which one did what. So, I’ll try and explain:

One of them is a Scalene Triangle. I used this for cutting and making mouths, it also came in useful for shaping surfaces and flattening them out.

Name: Scalene-Triangle-Knife-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Cutting
  • Making deep (yet not complete) cuts such as mouths

Secondary uses:

  • Shaping and Flattening surfaces

Another is a slightly pointy tool, with a pin-like object going out at an angle. I used it for drawing lines and other features.

Name: Pointy-Bent-Pin-Thing

Primary uses:

  • Making more shallow cuts such as Dino Nostrils
  • Drawing lines for features such as markings

The last one I can remember is a ball on a stick. Yeah.

Name: Ball on a Stick

Primary uses:

  • Making Eye Sockets?

317 words. On something I’ve been sent before. That’s enough, right?

OH YEAH, here’s the Animation I made. About…

Dinosaurs. And Space.



So, if anything, this kit is better than before, so it gets…


358 words. Yeah.


TMNT 1-3 Movie Review

Alright, I’m in quite a Bad Mood at the moment, so let’s get this overdue thing over with.

A couple of weeks ago, I was sent three Movies: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of  The Ooze, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time. It took me a while to get to really watching them, and a while more to start writing this review, so here I am, at the package release. To note, these are old Movies which have been released before, so I have absolutely NO idea WHY the people who made them want  me to review them as a Package.

Wow, 108 words before even starting the real Review? I’m rambling. Let’s just get to the Movies.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. Actually an okay Movie, discounting the obviously old Special Effects. Some of the Jokes were actually funny, despite TMNT’s current legacy. You can see the good old days of the Turtles showing themselves in this film, and according to the Wikipedia article this movie was made in the peak of TMNT’s popularity, and it possibly even helped it up. As it was a good movie, I’ll let the slightly odd Backstory and strange General Idea of the Turtles pass by with this movie.

Pizza Sub-Total: 3

Out of 10: 7.9

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of The Ooze. While this rides rather awkwardly on the last movie as a slightly disjointed sequel, it manages to pull off being a good movie anyway. It introduced 2 villains, Tokka and Rahzar, (Yes, I looked those up. I would have spelt them (by the way the Turtles said them) Toecut and Rayzar, respectively, but anyway…) as well as (somehow) bringing back the Shredder, (which, by the way, confuses me a lot. I mean, to survive what they did to him in the last movie, he’d have to be quite a lot harder than nails.) who got sweet new Buzzsaw-like helmet, since we actually SAW (BWAHAthat wasn’t funny at all, was it?) his old one getting crushed at the end of the last movie. I mean, he was in the same place as his Helmet when it was crushed. (Man. Shredder is tough. His METAL HELMET didn’t survive, yet HE did. Just… Wow.) What a medical Marvel. What is he, Wolverine? (You’ve got to admit that one was a LITTLE funny. (OKAY, FINE, it wasn’t!)) Adamantium in his bones… Actually, now I think of it, he has claws on his gauntlets, doesn’t he? Wierd… (SHUTUPSPELLCHECKSHUTUPSHUTUP (THAT, you MUST admit, was a little funny. In case you don’t get it, look here.))

Pizza Sub-Total: 4

Out of 10: 7

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles In Time. Alright,  this time, (That one wasn’t even on purpose.) you get no excuse. This is NOT a good movie. Nope. Your jokes aren’t funny any more, your storyline is messed up, your idea of Time Travel is completely wrong, and you dealt away with two of the best characters. NO. NO, NO, NO. I don’t CARE what the last movie OR the one before it was like, this movie is NOT GOOD. NO. Even Splinter’s One-liner at the end of this movie was NOT funny (No, Splinter, You DIDN’T make a funny.) and there was little to NO (I’m not doing it on purpose! I swear!) constistency between Ideas in the film, and I dare not say more.

Pizza Sub-Total: 0

Out of 10: NO. (3.4.)

So, to wrap it up, the Pizza Total is:


And, out of 10, the rating of the package is:


(It was gonna be out of 30, but it was 18.3, which could be simplified.)

If you’ve got a fan of the Turtles in your house, you probably have a pretty good present on your hands here. And, if you like the Turtles yourself, you might wanna add this to your Christmas list.

So, to finish off the review…

[I'm not gonna say it. No. I am NOT saying Cowabunga.]

Rivets Stealth Fighter Review


Recently, I got a Rivets “Stealth Fighter” Toy to review. I was reluctant to do it at first to it looking similar to something I had had Past Experience with. But it was a lot more sturdy than the thing I was growling about on the other side of that link.

Before going through building, looking at and inspecting it, I’ll give the Basic Idea. Essentially, you are given shapes of card which are folded in certain ways to look like a particular shape (Say, the cockpit of our Fighter Jet) and are then “Riveted” together. This is kind of hard to explain… A Rivet head is shaped a bit like a Screw, with the top having a hole in it and the underside having two long points which are covering the hole, and when the Rivet (Kind of a tiny pin thing, but it’s plastic and not sharp.) forces the points open so that the Rivet keeps the pieces of card together.

I didn’t explain that very well at all, did I?

Well, it was fairly easy to build and even though it will take you all day (It took me 2 nights) the end results can be described in one word:


Or maybe two:


Or, if you see fit, three:


It’s really big, too, a lot bigger than either my mother or me expected. Didn’t it say… 50 mm? I’m not good at abstract measuring, so that may well be 450 mm off the mark. Now that I think of it… Yeah, 500 mm sounds right.

That’s half a meter, right? Right.

However, one thing about the manual: You have to look through the whole thing to understand it, and I know most people making this will be used to manuals telling you what to do in order, so that is a little out-of-ordinary.

Still, putting that part aside, this makes a great model and present, and can even be hung up due to its lightweight (It is made out of card) model.

So, for this you get… 9.7/10, maybe? I get sent a lot of good stuff.

(Note: They spell it “Rivetz”, so don’t look up “Rivets Stealth Fighter”. You’ll get better results from “Rivetz Stealth Fighter”.)